wiww – maternity style


I had a date out for my 31st birthday!  Here I am at 38 weeks prego.  I found the dress nwt at a garage sale in my neighborhood for $2, what a steal!  It is actually a regular old navy dress that had room to my belly.  So happy I found this as it will be awesome for post-baby.  This is baby #3 for me, and I am exhausted with maternity clothes and spending  money on them.  Most my items are actually regular clothes, because they are so much more affordable and practical to get more use out of.







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post-partum clothes on the cheap

I dread the clothing transition after pregnancy.  I am expecting #3 at the end of August, and I bought a few things at Forever 21 to get me through pregnancy and after baby.

I’m a huge fan of spandex bike shorts and leggings.  Thank goodness they are in style!  I like loose flowy tops to feel comfortable and confident in.  I also got an amazing chambray top, which I am able to crop/tie above my bump.  Another great way to jazz up an outfit after pregnancy is with accessories.  I have bought a few items from veryjane.com to refresh my wardrobe, you can find great pieces for less than $10, which is awesome.

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Bubble #necklace in #blue   $12.37{Chambray Top} DKNY Jeans - classic

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what you really need for a newborn

I am expecting baby #3  and wanted to share with you what you really need for a new baby.  It is overwhelming as a first time mom to see all the baby gear!  So many options and reviews!  (I cannot believe how much time I spent researching a car seat for baby #1! ) Unfortunately, I wasted time and finances on buying things I didn’t need and watched friends/family do the same.  So in hopes to help a new parent out, here are a few of the basic necessities to get you through those first few months.


Crib – skip the bassinet, pack n play and go straight to the crib.  Those smaller options will only work for a few months, so buy a crib that will get you through start to finish with a new baby.  I didn’t purchase either with any of my pregnancies and I got by just fine.


Car Seat – a must to bring home baby, as the hospital will help check/overlook to make sure you will have baby secure in the car seat.


Stroller – there are so many options for strollers;  jogging, lightweight, umbrella, etc.  For the newborn phase/early months pick out something that will recline, as baby will be sleeping a lot.


Sleepers and onesies – these are most practical and functional.  My kids lived in these for the first 6 months, so comfy, affordable and easy.


Receiving blankets – babies love to saddle.  I did not go with the pricier woombie, or  name brand velcro types, I went the old fashion way and used receiving blanket to wrap the baby up.  The blankets were multifunctional and were used for swaddling, nursing, warmth, and tummy time.


Boppy – this pillow is so great to have in the first few months!  If you are nursing or bottle feeding it is nice to have a place to rest your arms and hold baby, you will be tired and any extra support is needed!  I used mine to rest babies in and for tummy-time as they grew.  My 2 year old still loves resting on his boppy.

Pick up  diapers, wipes, a thermometer, feeding supplies and you will be set!

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