2nd trimester maternity essentials

Baby #4 is on the way!  Here are the things I love during pregnancy.  If I had to pick just a few items, I would say these are the most useful and affordable.   Most pants I size up, it is less expensive and I have better options.  If you have just a few tanks you can easily mix and match with your non-maternity cardigans or kimonos.  (The shirts tend to be too big in the neck or arms for me when sizing up in regular clothes.)   What are your most usefully items during pregnancy?

BeFunky Collage

seamless bra – these work great and so is the price.  A nice fit, no uncomfortable straps, and they are just as great for postpartum.  Much more comfortable than the traditional bra worn when not pregnant.

maternity tank – I need the extra long length, and these have held up great for me.   Nice for layering or on their own.  I wear them post pregnancy.

kimono – this can easily dress up my leggings.  Forever 21 has great options for styles.

water bottle – I need to make sure I am drinking enough h20 and this one is great that it won’t leak if I throw it in my purse.


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